Pure for Nature

NaturalReco, dye innovation


Pure for nature

We have been acquainted with the natural product world for years, since the Italdenim-Canepa S.p.A. collaboration. From this, we could conceive of the first and exclusive application of chitosan on denim, which is a polysaccharide sourced from crustaceans.

Yet we went further. We wanted to get a truly ecological product. This is why our research focused on vegetable waste. We sought valuable ideas and now use “NaturalReco”. This film protects the yarn during processing and favors its bonding. It is made entirely from industrial food processing waste. We have thus eliminated traditional pollutant polyvinyl alcohol-based (PVA) methods from our production process.

“NaturalReco’s” environmental impact is much lower than traditional finishing products.

It replaces dangerous, polluting substances. “NaturalReco” eliminates the highly pollutant polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), whose residue forms microplastics that release into the water during industrial and domestic washing. Unfortunately, this is quite common due to its low cost and easy use.

“NaturalReco”, however, optimizes natural resource use.
Application of this innovation means PureDenim can significantly reduce water and energy consumption with a consequent CO2 reduction.