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The world’s most beloved fabric

Our passion involves applying innovative systems and a tenacious care for sustainably transforming basic cotton into PureDenim. This makes the world’s most beloved fabric into a truly revolutionary product. It is perfect for conscious yet demanding customers while being Earth-friendly and vital for our future.

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Re-design of the production system

Our denim comes from an entire re-design of the production system. It is inspired by circular economy principles that combine technology and innovative materials in order to minimize waste.

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Fashion is the world’s second most polluting sector. This has made us urgently gather Italdenim’s legacy, which by 2014 was the first denim producer in the world to sign Greenpeace’s “Detox” protocol for a multi-class chemical-free production.


Luigi Caccia, PureDenim Founder

Luigi Caccia is the founder with his sister Ilaria of PureDenim, a rib of Italdenim, company specialized in the production of sustainable denim. In the last 10 years he has made the revolution of the denim process. Looking for new technologies and natural polymers, in addition to constantly studying new technologies through various businesses, PureDenim has successfully reduced the amount of chemicals and water in the process of making jeans. PureDenim continually seeks to find new opportunities for one of the highest polluting processes in the textile industry.