News / 10 Oct 2019

River Blue

Directed by Mark Angelo

River blue, the documentary on denim production that pollutes the rivers of the world.

“River blue” tells how textile production, including denim, leaves a trail of destruction that affects rivers and human health. The documentary was presented at the Milan Fashion Film Festival.

They are strong and sad images, the ones shown in “River Blue”, the documentary by Mark Angelo, the US river conservation activist who has traveled the world to examine the status of the rivers in the countries where the largest clothing manufacturing sites are located, namely those that supply all the major western fashion brands. A global expedition to testify the traditions, habits and landscapes destroyed by the textile and denim industry that operate driven by profit only, lacking of responsibility towards the environment.

Il viaggio che testimonia una realtà allarmante

... But a fashion more sensitive to environmental issues is possible and Luigi Caccia, founder of the company PureDenim specialized in a more sustainable production, is witness to this.