Pure for Nature

The hydrosulphite-free dye


Pure for nature

PureDenim is the world’s first company to internally produce indigo dye. This innovative ecological process is called “Smart Indigo”. It emerged from a Swiss-patented idea by David Crettenand and was marketed by Sedo Engineering SA. PureDenim transformed it into an industrial operating procedure for the first time.

Smart Indigo” cuts the environmental impact of traditional dyes.

It is locally produced. Indigo is created, verified, and controlled during production. It is then sent directly to vats for dyeing. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 6x’s due to on-site production.

This facilitates water treatment.
Wastewater recycling is simpler and more effective due to the lack of salts. This significantly lowers treatment costs.

Its better performance requires less.
Traditional dyes’ indigo powder reaches a concentration of 8% whereas “Smart Indigo” hits 30%! More coloring power makes it possible to use less product, even for producing darker shades.

It saves water.
Less product means saving water, which is typically used in large quantities when dyeing.